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PetroServices Data Communication Center (DCC) von PetroServices GmbH

Produkt / Dienstleistung für die Kategorie GIS Geoinformationssysteme

DCC WITSML data solutions provide an all inclusive solution for real-time data delivery needs. Examples for the type of data that can be simultaneously managed and displayed include drilling sensor information, mud logging data and measurement while drilling (MWD/LWD) data in real-time directly from the various service provider acquisition systems at the well site. These data can then be merged by the system to produce logs on a time or depth based index.

The system can accept streaming WITS, WITSML, and other binary format information, and also access standard or custom databases directly, in order to convert that data to the WITSML standard and then deliver it to the secure network servers worldwide which are the components of the WITSML data extranet.

WITSML Support:

DCC uses WITSML protocol to transmit data. WITSML is for Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language. It’s the new standard protocol for exchanging drilling parameters and settings developed and maintained by Energistics organization.

WITSML is based on web standards HTTP, HTTPS, XML, SOAP protocols.

The purpose of WITSML is to ensure seamless and reliable flow of drilling and completion data to help decision makers with realtime and historical information.

DCC Web Viewer:

DCC WebViewer is an innovative web-based solution to monitor drilling information in realtime, as well as displaying historical data. No need to install complicated software with long procedures for licensing and registration in order to view your data, no need to stay in office. Only login to our website from anywhere and from any device, enter your username and password and immediately access your data. DCC WebViewer uses the new HTML5 technology to display it’s contents and draw drilling curves, Unlike most of similar products, DCC WebViewer doesn’t need any plug-ins like Flash, Silverlight, or Java applets to work. Only an HTML5 enabled web browser.

Scroll through all the wells:

Using the history scroll function, all the graphs can display information from the past days only by scrolling up and down. There is no limit for scrolling, as all the data is stored on the server. The web page retrieves the data and display it immediately. You can scroll to previous days or previous depths using the scroll function.

Thanks to the highly optimized PetroServices DCC WITSML Server, the system is able to handle multiple number of wells in the same time. All the wells can be monitored in the same time, and also in the same screen. In the DCC Web Viewer, you can monitor each well in one browser tab. In Desktop Viewer, you can arrange each well side by side.

No need to close connection and switch to another. All the wells are displayed for you in the same time.

DCC Ultimate Viewer

Experience maximum flexibility and simplicity while using DCC Ultimate Viewer desktop version. High customizable WYSIWYG style editor to draw your view screen, scroll through all the well, monitor all the wells simultaneously, print on spot the graph on screen with a single click.

All the time connected to witsml server , one application , all the data in your hands.

1024 bit SSL/TLS encryption:

Our client data is precious. PetroServices DCC uses HTTPS (HTTP over encrypted socket) to send data from rigs and to provide data to the end user viewers. SSL/TLS is the encryption protocol that is used by all banking and highly secured service.

All the data is encrypted across the internet. With the use of 1024 bit encryption keys and the latest encryption protocols and standards (TLS 1.1, 1.2). PetroServices Password verification system only accepts highly secured passwords. All our systems are periodically updated and maintained.

 PetroServices Data Communication Center (DCC) PetroServices Data Communication Center (DCC) PetroServices Data Communication Center (DCC) | PetroServices GmbH - Beschaffungsmarkt-Office  

PetroServices Data Communication Center (DCC) 


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