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Idox software for Regulatory Services von Idox - FusionLive

Produkt / Dienstleistung für die Kategorie DMS Dokumenten-Management-Systeme


Idox has been working with local government for over 30 years, building an exceptional level of knowledge and experience. Today, we draw on that expertise to deliver smart, responsive cloud-based software solutions that will help you succeed and bring a better experience to your community.

Our local government software applications underpin the secure and efficient management of the entire regulatory services remit, including planning, building control, environmental health, trading standards, licensing and public sector housing processes.

We are committed to helping our customers – and our advanced software gives you the scope to grow and evolve your operations without limits. We know that budgets are tight and by streamlining your functionality and workflows, we can boost productivity while saving you money.

Working collaboratively, we will build a relationship based on trust and we are here to support you, now and in the future.

 Idox software for Regulatory Services Idox software for Regulatory Services Idox software for Regulatory Services | Idox - FusionLive - Beschaffungsmarkt-Office  

Idox software for Regulatory Services 


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